Nachiket Kapre

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Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
Chief Technology Officer, Plunify Inc.
Assistant Professor, School of Computer Engineering, NTU (2012-2016)
Junior Research Fellow, Imperial College London (2010-2012)
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (2010)
MS CS, California Institute of Technology (2006)
MS EE, California Institute of Technology (2005)

News and Information

26/9 One full paper accepted to FPT 2017.
12/7 Two full papers accepted to FPL 2017.
3/4 IWOCL 2017 short paper accepted.
7/3 Two full papers accepted to FCCM 2017.
14/12 Journal article accepted to TRETS 2017.
20/11 Short paper accepted to FPGA 2017.
11/11 Paper accepted to DATE 2017.
5/10 Our CASES 2016 submission wins the Best Paper Award. Certificate
1/10 I have moved to the University of Waterloo, Canada
18/9 Paper accepted to FPT 2016.
25/8 Paper accepted to ACMDev 2016.
16/7 Invited lecture at PAPAA summer school kicks off at Hong Kong University. Full-day session on OpenCL for CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs.
2/7 One full paper accepted to CASES 2016.
20/6 Three full, one short accepted to FPL 2016.
2/3 One full, one short and two posters accepted to FCCM 2016.
15/11 One full, one short and one poster accepted to FPGA 2016.
2/11 One journal article accepted to Supercomputing Frontiers.
17/9 One journal article accepted to TRETS.
3/9 The Hoplite NoC paper with Jan Gray won Michael Servit Best Paper award at FPL 2015 , Certificate, Photo.
10/8 I'm PI on a Tier-1 grant for Machine Learning in FPGA CAD (S$100K).
4/8 I'm a Co-PI on a Delta Electronics grant led by Arindam (S$100K Co-PI).
15/6 I'm a Co-PI on an MIT-SMART grant led by Arindam (S$60K Co-PI).
5/6 Two full papers, one poster accepted to FPL 2015.
18/5 One full paper accepted to ASAP 2015.
3/3 Three full papers, one poster selected for FCCM 2015.
17/2 Paper selected for Supercomputing Frontiers 2015 (organized by A*Star, Singapore).
16/2 Two full papers accepted to RAW 2015 (co-located with IPDPS 2015).
15/12 I will be the Technical Program Co-Chair for FPT 2015 next year in Queenstown, New Zealand. [link]
24/11 My third Edex (Excellence in Education) grant as PI accepted S$37K (Co-PI: Anupam Chattopadhyay).
13/11 One full, one short and one poster accepted to FPGA 2015.
19/9 Two short papers accepted at FPT 2014.
1/8 Full paper accepted at HiPC 2014 (collaboration with NTU EOS).
21/7 Full paper accepted at DFM 2014 (co-located with PACT 2014).
10/7 I have started consulting as CTO at Plunify.
25/6 One FPL 2014 full paper (Best Paper Nominee) and poster accepted.
13/3 Three FCCM 2014 short papers accepted.
20/2 CE4054 Hackathon announced.
6/12 Abid's TPDS 2013 journal article accepted .
30/11 AcRF Tier 1 Grant as PI accepted S$150K.
28/10 My second Edex (Excellence in Education) grant as PI accepted S$40K (Team: Arvind Easwaran, Iris Lee Chai Hong).
2/10 One FPT 2013 full paper accepted.
13/8 My PhD student Abid Rafique wins the HiPEAC Paper Award 2013 for our FCCM 2013 paper, Certificate.
8/8 My Edex (Excellence in Education) grant team wrapped up their summer project on automating assesment.
30/4 My paper is one of the 25 most influential papers at FCCM in past 20 years FCCM20, Certificate.
25/4 Siddhartha wins 50th DAC Richard Newton Student Fellow grant.
24/4 Dulitha joins my lab as research staff.
18/3 I'm the PI/PL on our successfull CELT Edex (Excellence in Education) Grant S$25K (Team: Kyle Rupnow, Iris Lee Chai Hong, Raphael Rubin).
2/3 I'm organising the 2013 NTU Roadmapping Workshop on the Future of Spatial Architectures Flyer, Participants.
2/3 Two FCCM 2013 full papers accepted.
17/12 I'm a PI on our successfull S$50K NTU College of Engineering Seed Fund grant (Co-PI: Kyle Rupnow).
1/10 I've started as an Assistant Professor at SCE, NTU.


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