London Retrospective - 2011

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On a nice summer day, I walked from Bishop's Stortford to Hatfield Heath along a public trail… Some of these passed locks along the navigational channel of the Stort river..

A token visit to ISCA

Doctor Kapre

A 30 degree day in London spills out onto Hyde Park

A nice chilly hike from Guildford to Dorking along the North Downs Way...

New Forest hike

The York minster.. Reminds me a bit about the ones in Prague...

Tynemouth castle

Unexpected river fireworks, Newcastle

Fireworks on the river… The Newcastle bridges festival.

Dragging Ketan for a walk to Heddon

A sunset over Crouch End

Summer days are lazy days..

Ok, a second multi-day hiking trip…. Yorkshire Dales… This is Malham Cove! Wikipedia says this would've surpassed Niagara Falls in height…. David Thomas says this is England's finest examples of natural beauty :P

Enroute to Grassington

Exhausted, wet, slightly-scuffed shoes...

Kilnsey Crag

Litton Valley as seen from the climb to Buckden

It is a Dog-eat-Rabbit world in Yorkshire Dales!

The White Rose Hotel, Askrig… the stable for the night…

One curious behavior I noticed among the Yorkshire Dales animals I ran into was the urgent need to pee ….. What the heck? That is no way to greet a stranger...

Approaching Reeth… The rocky, stony slopes of the hill overlooking the village... Amazingly it didn't rain any further...

Reeth village fair...

Bolton Castle enroute from Reeth to West Burton...

Muddy red waters of Aysgarth Falls

A long trek to Kettlewell (with unexpected detours)

Lead mining stacks near Grassington.. the hike comes full circle!

Fall comes to my favorite tree in Yorkshire..

Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat at Edinburgh… What an amazing sight! This is on tap for Saturday…

St Anthony's Chapel and Arthur's Seat off in the back..