London Retrospective - 2011

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On a winter Sunday, I ventured out into Hampstead Heath…. It was a crowded day in the park with many families out for a stroll (hunting for treasure) in the dry weather... The ground however was wet with mud...

Ani's birthday celebrations at the Suresh household!

Alexandra Palace was a stubborn fixture in the Crouch End skyline.. it seemed to be busy all year round with something or another...

Exploring London Chinatown with a photographers meetup...

An impressionist rendering of Battersea Power station… An utterly amazing landmark in London...

Another spectacular landlady dessert creation!

Enjoying some hot Sichaun cuisine...

A visit to San Antonio for PPoPP 2011…

Ed Stott making donuts in lab… As seen through a fisheye lens!

Silent Disco at the Science Museum with old computing machines around us...

A visit to Monterey for FPGA

My first hike in England - Eastbourne to Berwick… The chalk cliffs of the English South coast has attract many tourists… It is absolutely fabulous..

Next up was a walk from Salisbury to the Stonehenge… An early start meant no crowds at the Salisbury Cathedral..


Trudging across open fields approaching the tourist cluster around the Stonehenge

Ambushed by kids throwing water balloons..

A Belfast conference trip!

Walking in Windsor Park on a chilly day (Windsor->Sandhrst)

Swinley Park

Yet another India trip… and now Sara can stand up!

My first multi-day hike in England… A week-long walk in Cornwall… This is St Ives seen coming out of the train station... Being low tide the harbour area was mostly empty..

Enroute to Zennor for the first day's stop… Rugged cliffy trail! How exciting!

Crisp sunshine illuminated the rocks along the coast from Zennor to St. Just....

The scattered mining operations of the Levant tin mine in Cornwall...

Cliff caves near Nanjizal along the SWCP.

Minack Theatre, Porthcurno… Amazing setting!

Telegraph museum

Mousehole (pronounced Mowzul)

St. Michael's Mount, Penzance

Babbage Machine demo at the Science Museum