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July 2023 TRETS 2023 Best Paper Award for “RapidLayout: Fast Hard Block Placement of FPGA-optimized Systolic Arrays using Evolutionary Algorithms” Certificate [Paper]
July 2020 EngSoc Teaching Excellence Award for Spring 2020 link
Dec 2019 FPT 2019 Best Paper Award for “Partitioning FPGA-Optimized Systolic Arrays for Fun and Profit” Certificate [Paper]
May 2018 TRETS 2017 Best Paper Award for “Hoplite: A Deflection-Routed Directional Torus NoC for FPGAs” Certificate [Paper]
Oct 2016 CASES 2016 Best Paper Award for “CaffePresso: An Optimized Library for Deep Learning on Embedded Accelerator-Based Platforms” Certificate [Paper]
Sep 2015 FPL 2015 Michal Servit Best Paper Award for “Hoplite: Building Austere Overly NoCs for FPGAs” Certificate [Paper]
Apr 2013 FCCM20 25-Most Significant Papers Award for “Packet Switched vs. Time Multiplexed FPGA Overlay Networks” Certificate [Paper]
Apr 2013 HiPEAC 2013 Paper Award for “Application Composition and Communication Optimization of Iterative Solvers using FPGAs” Certificate [Paper]
Dec 2011 FPT 2011 Best Paper Award for “VLIW-SCORE: Beyond C for Sequential Control of SPICE FPGA Acceleration” [Paper]